Georgia Driver's Education--Joshua's Law

Did you know that there are NEW requirements for new teen drivers starting January 1, 2007? Called Joshua's Law, it states that if you are 16 years old, you must complete a driver education course approved by the Department of Driver Services in order to receive a Class D License. Those individuals who do not complete an approved driver education course must wait until age 17 to become licensed.

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Any Georgia resident who has not completed an approved driver education course must be at least 17 years old to be eligible for a Class D driver's license. He or she must have completed a total of at least 40 hours of supervised driving, including at least 6 hours at night. The same verifcation in writing by a parent or guardian is required.

The Georgia Driver's Education Commission was created to help Georgia's teens and their parents make the transition into driver education training a smooth one. For additional information or for questions regarding the program not found on this website visit the Contact Section.