School and Your Drivers License Explained

School and Your Driver's License

School Attendance Required

Any applicant who is younger than 18 years of age must be enrolled in and not under expulsion from a public or private school.

Home Study Program

Recent legislative changes have transitioned the reporting of Home School attendance from the local school boards to Department of Education (DOE) Headquarters. In order to assist in this transition, DDS has begun accepting the following the Department of Education’s “Declaration of Intent To Utilize a Home Study Program” (HSPDOI, DOI) as proof of attendance in a Home School program.

The Declaration of Intent to Utilize a Home Study Program form must indicate a 30-digit Department of Education number on the Signature Parent/Guardian line. The Date submitted is optional. This is not a certified form.

Temporary Driving Permit

A student can obtain a temporary driving permit from the Department of Driver Services to drive to and from work with a suspended license, if he or she has demonstrated the need for the permit. The permit would only be granted if the driver's license has been suspended for a school-related infraction or for dropping out of school.